Networking Sites -Why do people use Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites?

     People use networking sites for various amounts of reasons. For family purposes, friends or just to see what other people are up to. I personally use networking sites to communicate with my friends and to see what people are doing. If someone of my family members requested me to be their friend then I will accept, but my main priorities of networking sites is not my family. Once in a while i would check on them and see what is going on. Like everything else in life there are pros and cons. Some pros for networking sites could be the interaction between friends and families, and talking to other people who shares the same interests as you. A con is the risk people put themselves in everything they post or tweet their personal information on the sites. When you put something on these networking sites, it will never be deleted or erased no matter what you do. Whatever goes on the internet, stays on the internet. When dealing with technology, everyone should be aware of what they are doing!


Fulfill LIfe

Everyday we should live like we are dying. What does that mean? It means to make each day your best. Your unsure about doing something or you tend to chicken out on things, DO WHATEVER IT IS! Live your life to the fullest.